What Channel is the Jets game on Dish? [2022]

Jets game on Dish: Lovely days don’t come to you. Instead, you should walk to them. So here is an article to make your day lovely. Especially this article is for football fans. Seemingly, NFL is a popular game among football fans. In clear words, NFL is a professional football league in America. The National Football League consists of thirty-two professional football teams.

Each team has a great history and a widespread fanbase. In that way, this article elucidates the ways to watch the famous Jets game on Dish. Meanwhile, the NFL league will hit the grounds soon in the upcoming months. Excitingly, NFL fans can watch their favorite game on various mediums like cable TV, internet, radio, Spotify, and online streaming services. But before that, let’s get an idea about what NFL is.

Indeed, National Football League is a professional football game in America. It consists of 32 football teams which are furtherly divided equally and put under two conferences. Therefore, you can call the conferences by the name National Football Conference (NFC) and American Football Conference (AFC).

A three-week preseason game and an eighteen-week regular-season game will be conducted between both conferences. Finally, the winning team from either of the conference will get the Super Bowl Championship. As we have seen above, NFL has many popular teams, and one such team is the New York Jets. Furtherly, the following article will give you an idea about the best channels to watch the Jets game on Dish.

About New York Jets

The ‘New York Jets’ is an American professional football team based in the New York metropolitan area. They participate in the National Football League, representing the American Football Conference (AFC), East division. Indeed, the respective club is headquartered in Florham Park, New Jersey. They play their home games at MetLife Stadium.

Moreover, the respective football team was actually founded in the year 1959 under the name ‘Titans of New York’. Initially, they played games as a member of the America Football League (AFL), and furtherly the Jets team joined the NFL as a result of the NFL – AFL merger in the year 1970. Indeed, the team began its gameplay in the year 1960, and from 1960 to 1984, they shifted to various grounds.

Those stadiums include Polo Grounds, Shea Stadium, and finally, the Meadowlands Sports Complex. Meanwhile, the year 1968 marked the Jets’ first Super Bowl appearance. What’s more interesting is that they won the Super Bowl championship by defeating the Baltimore Colts.

Indeed, that made them the first AFL club to defeat an NFL team in a championship game. Since 1968, the Jets team has registered their playoffs appearance 13 times and 4 times in an AFC Championship game. In addition, they became one of the four teams to never win an  AFC championship game.

Current Roster Info

Indeed, the New York Jets is one of the most influential NFL franchises. The respective team and its players have a widespread fan following worldwide. In an account of that, the following section will give the details of the players in the Jets team depending upon their position.

  • Quarterback – Joe Flacco, Mike White, Zach Wilson,
  • Running Backs – Nick Bawden, Michael Carter, Tevin Coleman, Breece Hall
  • Wide Receivers – Braxton Berrios, Tarik Black, Corey Davis, Denzel Mims, Elijah Moore
  • Tight Ends – Lawrence Cager, Tyler Conklin, Jeremy Ruckert, C. J. Uzomah, Kenny Yeboah
  • Linebackers – Marcell Harris, C. J. Mosley, Hamsah Nasirildeen, Javin White
  • Cornerbacks – Sauce Gardner, DJ Reed, Jason Pinnock

About Dish Network

Generally, Dish Network is a famous telecommunication company in America. But, more interestingly, it is the direct competitor to DirecTV. Besides that, Dish Network is known for providing services like the internet, cable/satellite TV, telephone, etc. However, on the primary part, a Dish subscriber can get access to a plethora of live TV shows and on-demand titles.

Of course, Dish Network is a subscription-based service with multiple subscription plans. Meanwhile, Dish Network is also known for its online streaming. Seemingly, Dish is also providing an online mode of streaming via the app named ‘Dish Anywhere’. Indeed, the Dish Anywhere app is compatible with multiple streaming platforms. So that you can catch up with your favorite content from anywhere, anytime without any hassle.

What’s more interesting is that the Dish Anywhere app is available free of cost for the existing Dish subscribers. In addition, new Dish subscribers can use their Dish account credentials to access the desired application on their compatible device. Furtherly, the below-given table will give you the exact subscription plans available with Dish Network.

  • Basic – $69.99/month with 190 channels 
  • Popular – $94.99/month with 240+ channels
  • Premium – $104/month with 290+ channels

What Channel is the Jets game on Dish?

Seemingly, New York Jets is a popular team in the NFL. It has a widespread fan base, and many people will be wondering about the ways to watch it on their desired streaming device. More interestingly, there are multiple ways like Spotify, radio, internet, cable TV, and much more to watch the Jets game. Concerning cable TV, Dish Network is one of the straightforward options to watch the Jets game on your desired streaming device.

Jets game on Dish
What Channel is the Jets game on Dish?

Unfortunately, there is no native channel to watch the Jets game on Dish. But it does not mean that you can’t watch the desired Jets game on Dish. Alternatively, Dish users can make use of the natively included sports channels like ESPN, Fox Sports, CBS Sports, NBC, and much more to watch the Jets game on Dish. Meanwhile, the below-given table provides you with the exact channel numbers of the desired sports streaming channels on Dish.

Streaming Service – Dish Network

Channel Name Channel Number
ESPN 140
Fox Sports 150
NFL Network 154
CBS Sports 158
NBC Sports 2-70


That’s all to mention about the New York Jets team and what channel is the Jets game on Dish. I hope the above-given article will be helpful to get and watch the Jets game on Dish Network. Indeed, new and existing Dish subscribers can use the Dish Anywhere app to access and watch the Jets game from anywhere, anytime.

So make sure you subscribe to the Dish Network to avail of the benefits and enjoy watching the Jets game on Dish without any hassle. Here comes the concluding point of this article. Furtherly, check our website for more ways to watch the exciting Jets game on Dish.


How to watch the Jets game on Dish?

Indeed, valid Dish subscribers can use the natively included sports streaming channels like Fox Sports, ESPN, CBS Sports, NBC, and much more. The best part is that you don’t need to subscribe to any additional package to access the sports channels mentioned above.

What Channel is the ESPN on Dish?

Dish subscribers can find and access the popular ESPN channel by tuning to channel number 1140.

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