What Channel is the Patriots game on Dish? [Updated 2022]

Patriots game on Dish: There is more joy in giving than getting. So here is an article that attains pleasure by providing you with more happiness.

Of course, everyone loves watching sports in their favorite genre. In that way, Super Bowl is one of the most popular sports.

One such sport is regularly conducted by a committee called NFL (National Football League). Seemingly, NFL is a popular football tournament in America.

It is a professional league that features 32 teams which are furtherly divided into two groups. Indeed, the two groups are called as National Football Conference (NFC) and American Football Conference (AFC).

Each group has 16 different teams. Seemingly, the National Football League is conducted every year once. The desired game usually hits the ground in the month of September.

Moreover, there will be three-week preseason and 18-week regular games. It features some of your favorite teams like Raiders, Broncos, Seahawks, Patriots, Rams, Panthers, Vikings, and much more.

Besides the AFC and NFC, the teams are classified under East, North, South, and West subcategories. Of which the below article discusses about watching the Patriots game on Dish.

Are you a die-hard fan of the New England Patriots team? Then, read the following article to identify the channel number of the Patriots game on Dish.

About New England Patriots

Seemingly, the ‘New England Patriots’ is a professional football team in America based in Greater Boston.

Of course, they participate in the National Football League (NFL), representing the American Football Conference (AFC) East division.

The Gillette Stadium in Foxborough is the official place where the Patriots team used to play their home games. Indeed, the desired football team was initially formed in the year 1959 as Boston Patriots.

At that point, the team played their home games throughout the Boston country until they shifted to Foxborough in 1971. Seemingly, that move has led them to change their name to New England Patriots.

Then, the home games of the Patriots took place in the Foxboro Stadium. Furtherly, the Foxboro Stadium was demolished for the creation of the Gillette Stadium in the year 2002.

Even though the Patriots have nothing special to boast about, they have the record for the most Super Bowl wins(6). In addition, they have appeared 11 times in the Super Bowl, of which they met five losses with the Denver Broncos.

The team and game were mostly unsuccessful in the late 1990s and early 2000s. However, the team holds a board of great record and a worldwide fan following.

Current Players Info

The following list gives you an overall view of the players in the New England Patriots team based on their position.

  • Quarterback – Mac Jones, Bailey Zappe, Brian Hoyer
  • Wide Receiver – DeVante Parker, Tyquan Thornton, Ty Montgomery
  • Cornerback – Malcolm Butler, Marcus Jones, Terrance Mitchell
  • Linebacker – Mac Wilson, Matthew Judon, Ronnie Perkins
  • Running Back – Damien Harris, James White, Pierre Strong Jr.
  • Safety – Jabril Peppers, Devin McCourty,  Kyle Dugger, Adrian Phillips

About Dish Network

In direct words, Dish Network is a telecommunication company in America. It is known for providing cable TV service, telephone, DVR, internet, and much more.

Besides concentrating on mobile wireless service, the Dish Network also offers an over-the-top IPTV service that is Sling TV. However, the primary concentration is on satellite TV streaming.

Being a Dish subscriber, you can watch various Iive and on-demand content from the rest of your couch. Indeed, you can use the DVR offered by Dish Network to access and watch your favorite content in HD.

Furtherly, Dish covers you with premium features so that you can enjoy your content without any credits, ads, or interruptions.

Moreover, you can experience a hassle-free streaming experience by subscribing to the Dish Network. Indeed, Dish is a subscription-based service that offers customer and budget-friendly packages.

The following section offers you a detailed view of the subscription to Dish.

  • Basic – $69.99/month with 190 channels 
  • Popular – $94.99/month with 240+ channels
  • Premium – $104/month with 290+ channels

Initially, the basic package offers you access to 190 channels at $69.99/month. In addition, it also gets you America’s Top 120. Furthermore, you can watch some All-time favorite channels like ESPN, CMT, E!, and Disney Channel. Indeed, the basic pack also covers 28,000 free titles for streaming.

The following package is a value-for-money one, and it is called as Everything Sports & Entertainment. It gets you 240+ channels which is more than enough. The channel list includes popular channels like Disney XD, Sundance, MLB Network, local channels, and America’s Top 200. In addition, you also have 35,000 free on-demand titles to stream.

Lastly, the third package, ‘Everything Sports, Entertainment & Movies’, gets you more than the other two packages. Here you have access to 290+ channels with America’s Top 250 for $104.99/month. In addition, you can enjoy watching some premium channels like Starz, Smithsonian Channel, The Movie Channel, and much more. Furtherly, you also have 36,000 free on-demand titles to stream. What’s more interesting is that you can customize all the packages mentioned above.

What Channel is the Patriots game on Dish?

The New England Patriots are one of the popular and professional football teams in the National Football League.

As mentioned earlier, the Dish Network is one of the perfect options to watch your favorite NFL game using your desired streaming device.

The only catch-up is that the Patriots don’t have a dedicated channel to stream their games exclusively. But it does not mean that you cannot watch the Patriots game on Dish.

Patriots game on Dish
What Channel is the Patriots game on Dish?

Whereas it is possible by using the native sports streaming channels on Dish. It includes ESPN, NFL Network, CBS Sports, and Fox Sports.

The best part is that the above-mentioned channels help you watch the live NFL game along with your favorite Patriots team.

However, an active Dish subscription is essential to access the respective sports channels on Dish. Here are the dedicated channels and their channel numbers.

Streaming Service – Dish Network

Channel Name –>  ESPN

–> Airing On 140

Channel Name –> CBS Sports 

–> Airing On 158

Channel Name –> Fox Sports 

–> Airing On 150

Channel Name –> NFL Network

–> Airing On 2 – 154


That’s all about the best channels to watch the Patriots game on Dish. I hope the above-given article will be helpful and satisfactory.

Of course, it is possible to watch the Patriots game on Dish but with a compatible sports streaming channel. The above article provides you the complete information about the channels available to watch the Patriots game on Dish.

Ensure that you have a valid Dish subscription to access the above-mentioned sports channels without any hassle.

In addition, you can also use various online live TV and sports streaming services like Sling TV and Fubo TV to watch the Patriots game.

Select your favorite sports streaming channel and enjoy watching it on your desired streaming device.


Is it possible to watch the Patriots game on Dish?

Yes, you can watch the popular Patriots game on Dish but with some workarounds. Indeed, there is no dedicated channel for streaming the patriots game. Instead, you can choose a sports streaming channel that includes NFL streaming.

What channels do stream the Patriots game on Dish?

The Dish Network includes various sports streaming channels with their subscription. There are some channels that you can use to watch the Patriots game on Dish. Those channels are ESPN, NFL Network, Fox Sports1, and CBS Sports.

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