How to Fix Xbox One Stuck on Green Screen error?

Xbox One Stuck on Green Screen: The key to the world of happiness is hidden under the blanket of simpleness.

Most people feel happy while playing their favorite games. But what if your Xbox console stares at you with a green screen and does not show any games.

Of course, it will be more frustrating, and obviously, the clear thing is that you cannot play your games.

Are you planning to call a technician? Wait a minute. It is not a complicated issue, and of course, you can solve it by yourself.

After tedious research, here we have bought some simple methods to help you pass through the green screen on your Xbox One console. Continue reading the following article for more details.

How to Fix Xbox One Stuck on Green Screen error?

Do you often face the green screen issue on Xbox One? Well, various factors contribute to the respective issue.

Xbox One Stuck on Green Screen
How to Fix Xbox One Stuck on Green Screen issue?

Seemingly, your Xbox One console may be showing such errors due to a software glitch, failed software updates, corrupted hard disk, or failure to connect with the Xbox server.

There are some possible workarounds that can help you fix the issue. Read the below-given methods to find the cause and fix the issue.

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Hard Reset Xbox One

Indeed, a hard reset is a polished name for power rebooting the device. In simple words, a hard reset is one of the favorite and traditional methods to fix minor issues with a device.

We are going to try the same thing here with the Xbox One console. You can turn off the Xbox One device by pressing and holding the Xbox button on the console.

Then, repeat the same to reboot the console. Hopefully, this will resolve the minor glitches on the console.

Update the Software

Doing a software update will fix all the bugs on the console. However, as the console is not showing anything on the screen, you cannot update the device from the settings menu.

But there is an alternate method to update your console using USB. Read the below-given guide for more details.

#1. Initially, navigate to the ‘’ and search the offline system file for your Xbox One console.

#2. Download the OSU1 file and save it on your PC.

#3. Connect a USB flash drive to your PC.

#4. Create a new folder under the name ‘System Update’ and move the downloaded file to it.

#5. Now move the System Update folder to the USB flash drive.

#6. Unplug the USB from the PC and connect it to your Xbox One console.

#7. Press and hold the Sync button, Eject button, and Xbox button on the console for 15 seconds.

#8. At this point, your Xbox One console will enter the Troubleshooting mode.

#9. Click on the Offline System Update option.

#10. The green screen of death issue will be fixed on the completion of downloading the update.

Factory Reset Xbox One

If none of the above methods helped you solve the issue, you can consider resetting the console. Indeed, resetting the console to its default settings will obviously delete all the user data.

As a result, you will lose your games and game saves. If that seems okay for you, proceed with the below-given guide.

#1. Press and hold the Sync button + Eject button + Xbox button for 15 seconds.

#2. Hopefully, now you have reached the troubleshooting page.

#3. Click on the Reset this Xbox One option.

#4. Hit the OK button to confirm the process.

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In addition, servicing the hard drive on the Xbox One can help you remove the corrupted files. You can consider using an external hard drive for storing files with less importance.

Furtherly, try contacting the Xbox support team to register your queries with the Xbox One device. You can also demand a new console if your product has not crossed the warranty period.

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