How to Download and Install YouTube on PS5? [2022]

There are so many streaming services available to be entertained. But people may think of not getting into them due to the subscription plans and contract. Of course, most of them allow users to stream without a contract. They may think not to provide so much money for streaming services. Then the option to watch on-demand content is YouTube. YouTube is the most familiar service among all. You can get YouTube on most of the devices as it’s a Google product. Here is the article on how to install YouTube on PS5?

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About YouTube

YouTube on PS5

YouTube is an online service for watching and sharing videos. The basic features of YouTube are free to use. The YouTube service was designed on 14 February 2005 by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim. You can do a lot of things on YouTube such as upload, like, share, comment, a rate on videos and subscribe to other user’s channels. You can earn on YouTube by video blogging. Both ad-supported and ad-free services are available on YouTube. You can even watch YouTube without signing in to your account. The platforms that support YouTube are iOS, Android, LG Smart TV, Hisense TV, Sharp TV, Sony TV, Samsung Smart TV, Vizio SmartCast TV, Apple TV, Amazon Fire Tv Stick, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Roku, Chromecast, Google Nest Hub and so on.

Plans And Pricing of YouTube

As said before, you can access the basic features of YouTube for free. The following are the subscription plans of YouTube.

  • YouTube Premium (Individual)- $11.99/month
  • Premium (Family)- $17.99/month
  • Premium (Student)- $6.99/month

How to Get Started on YouTube?

To get started on YouTube, browse the official website of YouTube and choose the Create an account option. Then append your email address and follow the on-screen instructions to get registered on YouTube. Sign in to YouTube with your credentials on any compatible devices.

Can we get YouTube on PS5?

Yes, YouTube is available for PlayStation 5. And you don’t even need to install the YouTube app on your PlayStation 5. Because the YouTube app is pre-installed on PlayStation 5. Here is the article to access YouTube on PlayStation 5.

YouTube on PS5
Youtube on PS5

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How to Watch YouTube on PS5?

Here are the steps to access YouTube on PlayStation 5.

Step1: Associate your TV and PlayStation 5.

Step2: Turn on them and access the internet or Wi-Fi connection on your PlayStation 5.

Step3: Go to the Media tab.

YouTube on PS5

Step4: Discover the YouTube app.

YouTube on PS5

Step5: Select it and log in to your account. Then start streaming.
After connecting your PlayStation 5 to the internet, press the YouTube button on your PlayStation 5 Media Remote and then sign in to your account. Now start streaming.

YouTube on PS5

How to Link YouTube Account to PS5?

To link your YouTube account to your PlayStation 5, get along with the steps.

Step1: After connecting your PlayStation 5 to the internet, prefer the Settings Gear icon on your PlayStation 5.

YouTube on PS5

Step2: Choose the Users and Accounts option and select Link with Other Services.

YouTube on Playstation 5

Step3: Then prefer YouTube.

Step4: Choose Link Account and provide your YouTube account credentials.
That’s it.

How to Go Live on YouTube from PlayStation 5?

To Go Live on YouTube from PlayStation 5, proceed with the following steps.

Step1: Press the Create button on your PlayStation 5 controller.

Step2: Prefer the Broadcast icon and then choose the More options icon (…).

Step3: Choose the Change Service option.

Step4: Prefer YouTube and provide the title, description, tags, and privacy options.

Step5: Then hit the Go Live option.

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How to Upload Gameplay Videos to YouTube Using PlayStation 5?

To upload the gameplay videos to YouTube using PlayStation 5, follow the steps.

Step1: Access the Media Gallery which is under the Games tab on your PlayStation 5.

YouTube on PS5

Step2: Pick the video you want to upload.

YouTube on PS5

Step3: Then press the Options button on your PlayStation 5 controller.

YouTube on Playstation 5

Step4: Choose the Share option.

YouTube on Playstation 5

Step5: Prefer YouTube.

YouTube on PS5

Step6: You’ll be asked to link your YouTube account if you didn’t link it earlier. If you linked it earlier, then move to the next step.

Step7: Provide the title, description, tags, and privacy options if needed.

YouTube on PS5

Step8: Finally choose Upload.

YouTube on PS5


YouTube is the most used online service to stream and shares on-demand videos. There are a lot of features available for the users on YouTube. We have provided the steps to access YouTube on PS5. We hope that our article will help you to stream YouTube on PS5.