How to Fix YouTube TV not working on Smart TV?

The life of a man changes according to the advancement in the field of technology. Everybody would accept this point without any hesitation. But, sometimes mishaps happen in the use of technology. Some way or the other there will be a disturbance on using any tech in any field. If you are facing issues with YouTube TV on your Smart TV, follow this on How to fix YouTube TV not working on Smart TV.

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What is YouTube TV?

YouTube TV not working on Smart TV

YouTube TV is an American pay television service owned by YouTube. It is a subsidiary of Alphabet Inc,. YouTube TV provides users with on-demand videos, live TV, and DVR cloud storage. Its contents are offered from 85 networks and more. It has a huge number of lineups which is inclusive of popular US networks. YouTube TV was introduced in the year 2017. YouTube TV stands in common with other streaming platforms in what it offers. But, varies in some unique ways.

YouTube TV is compatible with various devices. It can be availed in the following devices: Android, Tablets, Web Browser, Google Chromecast, AirPlay, Google Smart Display, Android TV, Vizio Smartcast TV, Samsung Smart TV, LG Smart TV, Hisense TV, Apple TV, Fire TV Stick, Insignia, Toshiba, Element, Westinghouse Fire TV, Xbox One, Roku and PlayStation 4.

What are the features of YouTube TV?

YouTube TV is flying high because of its full-fledged features that have captured all the users. Let us have a look at the features of YouTube TV:

  • Live TV without cable
  • Unlimited DVR Cloud storage
  • 6 YouTube TV accounts per subscription
  • DVR and Recommendations vary as per each login
  • No contract so can cancel at any time without any fuss
  • 9 months storage for the recordings
  • Accessible on various devices
  • 85+ networks
  • TV guide offering upcoming shows about a week
  • Solid performance
  • Adjust streaming TV quality
  • Genre wise surfing
  • Voice navigation
  • Clear watch history and search history
  • Simple interface

And many more features to choose YouTube TV over other online streaming services.

What are the subscription packages to avail YouTube TV?

Compared to other online streaming services, YouTube TV is a bit pricey but not too much. It costs $64.99/month with additional taxes. YouTube TV offers a 1-month free trial for its members. You can cancel at any time.

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What are the commons issues that occur on YouTube TV on Smart TV?

Follow the below issues to fix YouTube TV not working on Smart TV

  • Bad Internet connection

Internet connection lower than 5mbps.

  • Channels

There may be some relay problems in the side of the broadcaster.

  • Incompatible device

Check whether your Smart TV is compatible with YouTube TV.

  • Many users

Though you can have 6 user profiles, you have access only to 3 streams at a time.

  • Location

Accessing YouTube TV away from the accessible location.

  • Verify Login

Changing of password will prompt you to sign in again.

  • Using VPN to access

Using a lower-end VPN can cause reliability issues and not trustworthy.

  • YouTube TV down

Issues on the relay of YouTube TV itself.

How to fix issues of YouTube TV on Smart TV?

YouTube TV not working on Smart TV
  • Location issues

Check the availability of YouTube TV access in your location.

  • Network Connection

Check whether the Network speed is compatible to run the YouTube TV app on your Smart TV.

  • Reinitialise the Cache

Some data cache can infer the working of the YouTube TV app. So, plug out and plug in your Smart TV.

  • Reinstall the YouTube TV App

The YouTube TV App may not work due to some technical issues. So, uninstall and reinstall the YouTube TV app on your Smart TV.

  • Relaunch YouTube TV app

Exit from the YouTube TV app and try opening it again.

  • Reset your Smart TV

Due to some manufacturer effects and particular issues, your Smart TV may not work according to the new updates. So, reset your Smart TV to the default factory settings.

  • Running Apps

Some streaming apps may be running in the background or maybe signed in on your Smart TV. Try closing the app or logout from the streaming service. Now, try getting into the YouTube TV app on your Smart TV.

  • Time Setting

Check whether the timing in your Smart TV is correct or set it right by navigating to the System Settings. This may happen when the time isn’t similar.

  • Updating issues

Check if there is any update available for your Smart TV and YouTube TV app. If so, try to update it.

Follow the above steps to fix YouTube TV not working on Smart TV

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How to Signup for YouTube TV?

You can’t Signup and purchase on iOS. But you can access YouTube TV app on iOS after signing up only.

Step1: Launch the YouTube TV App on your device.

Step2: Tap on Free trial option.

Step3: Use your google account to sign in.

Step4: Enter your home zip code and device location permission.

Step5: Verify your YouTube TV membership lineups. Check the cost of your membership.

Step6: Tap Next.

Step7: If you need any add-on service or premium package tap on the circle near the channel or add-on. You can choose any number of premium packages during your free trial.

Step8: After choosing, tap Next.

Step9: Enter your credit card billing info. Till the free trial period, no penny will be charged.

Step10: Now, tap Buy to finalise the signup.

How to cancel YouTube TV membership?

Canceling your membership at the time of free trial abruptly cuts your access to YouTube TV and add-on services you have added. But, when you cancel after paying your membership amount, you will have access to YouTube TV and add-on services till the end of your payment period. 

Step1: Go to the YouTube TV app on your device.


Go to

Step2: Navigate to Settings.

Step3: Tap on Membership.

Step4: On the option Pause or Cancel Membership, tap on Cancel.


To conclude, YouTube TV app is being used by a vast number of people due to its live TV without a cable box. Though everything is fine with YouTube TV, there are some minor issues to be dealt with. This article has thrown light on issues and the ways to fix issues. Other than the above-mentioned issues, if you find any YouTube TV app issues on your Smart TV, leave a comment. We will try to help you in rectifying it. Hope this article was helpful.

Thank you for reading…