How to Install Youtube TV on PS5?

Youtube TV on PS5: Youtube TV is a Subscription-based Live TV Streaming service, and Youtube TV contains tons of video content. Look at this article and get more details about Youtube TV on PS5.

YouTube was the developer for Youtube TV, and Youtube TV is an online TV streaming platform only available in the United States of America. Thus, Youtube TV is only available in the US. But if the people need to Youtube TV outside of the US, use the VPN.

Android smartphone, iOS device, Apple TV, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, PC, Mac, PlayStation, LG Smart TV, Google Chromecast, Sony Smart TV, VIZIO Smart TV, Roku, Xbox, and Samsung Smart TV are the Streaming devices that support the Youtube TV.

On this Youtube TV platform, the users can stream the tons of unique content like super hit movies, series, TV shows, News, sports, weather, and even more programs. And the Youtube TV app is only available in the English language.

NBC, AMC, ABC, BET, Animal Planet, CBS, Fox, BET, BBC America, Cartoon Network, CBS Sports Network, BET Her, Bravo, Comet TV, CW, Disney Channel, Fox News, Fight Network, Fox Soul, Food Network, Dove Channel, ESPN, etc., are the channels that are available in the Youtube TV.

Features for Youtube TV

  • 85 Channels
  • Youtube TV contains a Cloud DVR
  • Youtube TV users can download the Youtube TV content
  • Downloading content will store until nine-month
  • Save your favorite Youtube TV videos in Libary
  • Simultaneously three people can stream the Youtube TV with different devices.
  • Six accounts 

How to Install Youtube TV on PS5?

Luckily, the Youtube TV app is available on the PS5. So, the console users can install the Youtube TV app directly from the App section and do the log-in process to access the Youtube TV on PS5. In the below line, we mention the simple steps to install the Youtube TV on PS5.

Youtube TV on PS5
How to Install Youtube TV on PS5?

Step 1:

First, connect your PS5 console to your TV.

Step 2:

Turn on your PlayStation 5 console and make Wifi internet connection to your console.

Step 3:

From the Home page of the console, hit the Media option.

Step 4:

Click on the  All Apps symbol and tap the Magnifying Glass icon on your console.

Step 5:

Now click on the Search icon on the current screen of your PS5.

Step 6:

Type the Youtube TV app name in the text box and start your search.

Step 7:

After finding the Youtube TV app icon, hit the Download option to install the Youtube TV app on your console.

Step 8:

Wait until the installation gets complete; launch the Youtube TV on the console.

Step 9:

Log In with the help of your Google account details.

Step 10:

Now you can access the Youtube TV app on your console.


Does the Youtube TV available on PS5?

By luck, the Youtube TV app is available on the PS5. So, the PlayStation 5 console users can install the Youtube TV on their console with the help of the All Apps section. After installing the Youtube TV app, log in using your account details to stream all the Youtube TV content.

Is Youtube TV free to stream?

Undoubtedly, the Youtube TV app contains a Subscription. However, the Youtube TV is free to install, but there is a subscription for this Youtube TV app to stream all the content.

  •  $69.99 – per month


Finally, here we conclude the Youtube TV on PS5. So, Youtube TV is the best streaming service to steam all the live TV and channels. Therefore, visit this Youtube TV platform to get tons of exciting and unique content like movies, series, sports, TV shows, etc.

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