Zoom app on LG Smart TV | How to get Zoom on your LG Smart TV?

If you are not physically present in the office and you want to participate in a meeting, you likely benefited from video conferencing technology. Video conferencing apps provide a high-quality video and audio experience for in-office and remote meeting attendees. Most of the companies take advantage of video conferencing technology, they see benefits like clearer communication, increased efficiency, and the opportunity to collaborate with people who are distributed across multiple locations. Like that, the Zoom app is one of the best Video conferencing applications for people distributed in different locations. In this guide, we are going to tell about how to get Zoom App on LG Smart TV?

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About Zoom:

Zoom on LG Smart TV

Zoom app is one of the best video conferencing apps which enable users from various location to connect online by face to face meeting. Video conferencing, Web conferencing, Webinars, Screen sharing and click on either Host a meeting link or the Join a meeting link are also possible in the Zoom video conferencing app. It offers remote conferencing service that combines video conferencing, online meetings, chat, and mobile collaboration. Usage of Zoom increased sharply to about 67% from the start of the year to mid-march because of (COVID-19) Pandemic. Let’s see in detail how to get the Zoom app to the LG smart TV by using a handheld device.

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Features of Zoom app:

  • One easy way to make video conferencing with people at various locations.
  • Meetings and Chat.
  • HD video, audio, collaboration and chat.
  • Rooms and workspaces. Power up your conference rooms with video.
  • Video webinars, Full-featured, easy to use, engaging webinars and host meetings.
  • Easily schedule and join meetings from your existing email or calendar application
  • Available for Smartphones, Desktop, and, Smart Tv.
  • Zoom offered a full-featured basic plan for free with unlimited meetings.
  • Available for IOS and Mac OS users also.
  • It allows you to host 40-minutes of meeting for up to 25 participants for free of cost.
  • You can install the Zoom app on your Smart TV and make video conferencing with that.
  • Simple and user-friendly to share your screen.
  • There will be a link to join or host a meeting.

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How to get the Zoom app on LG Smart TV?

Here we are going to discuss how to get the Zoom app on LG smart TV form your handheld device. I’ m going to explain about three basic methods in a step by step procedure. Following are the three methods,

Zoom on LG Smart TV
  1. Install Zoom app for LG Smart TV using the App Store
  2. Get Zoom app on LG Smart TV using Chromecast
  3. Download and Install the Zoom Apk file on LG Smart TV.

How to install Zoom App for LG Smart TV using the App Store?

Step1: Switch on your LG Smart TV

Step2: Tap the Smart button on your LG remote.

Step3: You can see the Settings option now, Tap the settings option.

Step4: Inside the Settings, you can find the Network option.

Step5: Tap the Network option, it will show the nearby Wifi network.

Step6: Choose yours from the list

Step7: Enter your Wifi password and connect it.

Step8: Press the Smart Menu button or Home button in your LG remote control

Step9: In that, Tap the More Apps button.

Step10: After that, Click the LG Content Store App.

Step11: Choose Premium in that.

Step12: Next, Search the app on the Store which you like to download.

Step13: Search the Zoom App and install it.

Step14: Go back to the home page and select the Apps section.

Step15: Inside the App section you can see the Zoom App.

Step16: Open the Zoom app by clicking the Zoom app icon.

Step17: Login to the Zoom app by your user ID and password.

Do what you want as a host or connect to a meeting. Create a Plan on Zoom.us. Now you can enjoy Zoom meeting or video conferencing on the big screen. This is the one way to get Zoom App for LG Smart TV.

How to get Zoom App on LG Smart TV using Chromecast?

Step1: Plugin one side of your Google Chromecast on LG Smart TV’s HDMI slot and another side on the electrical socket.

Step2: Stick your Smartphone and Casting device to the home wifi server

Step3: Tap and Open the Google Playstore on your Smartphone.

Step4: Search the Zoom App and install it on your Smartphone.

Step5: For casting Zoom App on LG Smart TV, we need Google Home App for casting it.

Step6: Search the Google Home App on the Play Store

Step7: Install the app and Tap and Open the Google Home App on your Smartphone.

Step8: You can find the Profile button on the Google Home App, Tap the Profile button.

Step9: On the next screen, Click the Mirror device. That takes you to Cast Audio/Screen

Step10: Finally, Click the Cast Audio/Screen twice.

Step11: Now, it will show the devices which are connected to your home wifi. From that Choose your living room Chromecast connected TV

Step12: Within a fraction of second, your phone screen will display on your LG Smart TV

Step13: Tap and open the Zoom App on your Smartphone.

Step14: Host a meeting or join a meeting, The meeting video will be displayed on your LG Smart TV also.

This is another method to get Zoom App for LG Smart TV.

How to Download and Install Zoom Apk file on LG Smart TV?

Step1: Switch on your PC and ensure internet connectivity is on.

Step2: Go to Google chrome page and type Zoom cloud meeting on the search box and then click search.

Step3: Page redirects and navigates to the Zoom Cloud meeting web page.

Step4: You can see the download option. You can download the Zoom cloud meeting app by clicking the download option.

Step5: Save the Downloaded app in the “.apk” format in your PC.

Step6: Plug in your pen drive and copy the downloaded file to send it to your pen drive.

Step7: Now eject the pen drive and plugin the same pen drive to your LG Smart TV.

Step8: Open the Zoom cloud meeting Apk file on your Smart TV and install it.

Step9: Now you can open and login to the Zoom app directly into your TV by working remotely.

Step10: You can start a video conference on your LG Smart TV Directly.

Sums Up:

I hope that I have explained clearly in the above methods and steps to get the Zoom app to your LG Smart TV. Zoom app is one of the best video conferencing app available online at free of cost. If you face any issues by using the above steps, Kindly let me know in the below comment box.

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