How to Download and Install Zoom App on Sony Smart TV? [2022]

Sony has branded its Smart TVs in the name Bravia which is abbreviated as Best Resolution Audio Visual Integrated Architecture. Sony is basically a Japanese company that also manufactures mobile phones. Bravia is a subsidiary of Sony Corporation. Most of the Sony Smart TVs run on Android Operating System. People like us get access to truckloads of entertainment on TVs running on the Android Operating System. People can get to use most of the streaming apps such as Hulu, YouTube, YouTube TV, Netflix, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime Video, and a lot more. Smart TVs also let the user download and play a lot of games on the television.

Coming to learning education in the current world, due to the pandemic all over the world, all the learning happens online. Students and learners find it very difficult to attend meetings and classes on mobile phones or tablets. People wish to do all the learning on a bigger screen. Installing and using Zoom application on Sony Smart TVs is a cakewalk. Follow the article till the end to successfully download and use the Zoom App on Sony Smart TV.

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What is Zoom Meeting App?

Zoom App on Sony TV

Zoom has played a very important role during the times of the global pandemic. The Zoom meeting app created a positive impact on most of the people’s lives during the pandemic. Official meetings were also taken place on zoom meetings to never stop the regular happenings for the well-being of the nation. Zoom is mainly an American-based company which is communication technology company that serves the whole world. It is one of the best video communications applications that allows the user to use Video and Audio Conferencing, Webinars, One-on-one meetings, Live chats, Group video conferences, screen-sharing, Recording, and more.

Prices and Plans:

  • Basic: Free (Meetings for the duration of 40 minutes with max 100 participants).
  • Pro: $14.99/month (Meetings for the duration of 30 hours with max 100 participants).
  • Business: $19.99/month (Large meetings up to 300 participants).
  • Enterprise: $19.99/month (Large meetings up to 500 participants).

Features of Sony Smart TV:

  • Real 8K experience.
  • The thinnest TVs are available on the market.
  • More than 5000 plus applications and games.
  • Smart remote control feature.
  • Google voice assistant feature.
  • Dolby Atmos sound.

Features of Zoom:

  • Simpler graphics user interface.
  • Chat options to the participants and host both personally and privately.
  • Options of phone calls.
  • Webinars and group sessions.

How to Download and Install Zoom App on Sony Smart TV?

Download and use the Zoom meeting app using any of the following methods.

Zoom App on Sony Smart TV
Zoom App on Sony Smart TV

Method1: How to Download Zoom App on Sony Bravia TV or any Sony Android TV

Users can download the app and launch it directly from the Play Store by following these easy steps. (Only for Android TVs)

Step1: Make sure to turn on your Sony Smart TV and go to the home page.

Step2: Navigate to Google Play Store on your home screen and open the Google Play Store.

Zoom App on Sony TV

Step3: Search for the Zoom Meeting app and download it.

Zoom App on Sony TV

Step4: Find the app on your TV

Zoom App on Sony TV

Step5: Install it and enter your credentials and you are all set to attend meetings on your TV.

Zoom App on Sony Smart TV

These are the steps to get Zoom App on Sony Bravia TV and Sony Android TV.

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Method 2: How to Download Zoom App on any Sony TV?

If you do not have an Android TV then follow these steps.

Step1: Turn on the TV and enable installing from unknown sources in the privacy settings.

Step2: Go to the pre-installed apps on your TV and search for the Aptoide tv app free download.

Zoom App on Sony Bravia TV

Step3: Download the .apk file of the Aptoide app. Go to the file manager and then to downloads.

Step4: Install the .apk file of Zoom App and launch it.

Zoom App on Sony TV

Step5: You have successfully downloaded and opened the Zoom Meeting app.

Step6: You can enter your credentials and start attending meetings on your TV.

That’s it. Now you can enjoy Zoom App on Sony TV.

Method 3: How to Use Zoom App on Sony Smart TV using Chromecast

Chromecasting from mobile phones

Step1: Firstly connect your TV and your mobile phone to the same wifi network.

Step2: Scroll down the notification panel of your mobile phone turn on screen mirroring.

Zoom App on Sony Smart TV

Step3: In the dialog box which opens select your Sony BRAVIA Smart TV.

Step4: Your mobile phone’s screen will be successfully mirrored on your TV.

Step5: Open the Zoom app on your mobile phone and enter your credentials to attend meetings.

Chromecasting from Browser

Step1: Make sure that your PC or laptop and your Sony Smart TV are connected to the same network.

Step2: Go to the search bar and search for the cast.

Step3: Choose to connect to a wireless display option.

Zoom App on Sony TV

Step4: Choose your Sony Smart TV from the available devices.

Step5: Launch the zoom through the app or in the browser.

Step6: Attend meetings on your Smart TV.


  • How to install Zoom Meeting on Sony Smart TV?

Clearly follow the methods listed above to find an easy way to download and install the Zoom Meeting app.

  • Can I add apps to my Sony Smart TV?

Yes, Sony TV users can easily download any apps from the play store and users can also sideload apps.

  • Does Sony Smart TVs have Cameras?

The newer models of the Sony Smart TVs have cameras inbuilt. Most of the older models do not have a camera on television.

  • Can you download the Zoom app on Firestick?

Amazon App store has officially launched the zoom app on its store. Users can easily download the zoom app from the store.

  • Is Zoom free to use?

Zoom has various subscription plans which are listed above in the prices and plans section. Kindly go through it.

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The EndNote

Most of us would love to use the zoom app on a bigger screen for various reasons. Smart TVs make it way easier and simpler. Kindly read the article fully to get to know how to download and use the Zoom app on your Sony Smart TV. Thank you.