How to Download and Install Zoom App on Vizio Smart TV? [2022]

Vizio is a California-based company that makes televisions and soundbars currently. The Company was found in the early 2000s which in turn lets us know that it is quite a young company. Vizio produces one of the best entry-level TVs for its customers. Unlike their peers, Vizio’s entry-level TVs are very cheap and affordable. Vizio TVs are mostly sold in the provinces of China, Japan, the United States, and the United Kingdom. Vizio mainly produces OLED TVs, 4K ultra high definition TVs, LCD TVs, LED TVs, soundbars, sound surround systems, and also QLED TVs. According to the survey statistics, the revenue of the company is about $2.5 billion.

When you ask somebody what is a Vizio TV, their answer would be that “Vizio is the Company which sells its high definition TVs at a lower price to their customers”. Unlike other companies such as Sony, Samsung, LG, Vizio sells their TV at a remarkably lower price with the same features as their peers. Vizio also has its own free streaming service which is called the WatchFree and is powered by PlutoTV. If you own a Vizio Smart Cast TV then you can stream the app Watch Free for free. From this article, you are going to be taught the various methods to use the Zoom app on your Vizio Smart TV.

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Get to know what is Zoom

Zoom is a video conferencing app that is very popular in today’s world. A user can host or join the meeting on the Zoom app. Zoom app lets both the mobile client and the desktop client connect online. Zoom is one of the prime app installed on most devices. Most of our team meetings, one on one meetings happen online. This is the platform that unites us. The Company was found eight years ago. This Company serves the whole world in terms of video conferencing. This Zoom app is compatible with devices running on Windows, macOS, Linus, Android, iOS, and Chrome OS. Readers are going to teach how to use the Zoom app on their Vizio Smart TV. Get with us till the end to know it thoroughly.

Prices and Plans of Zoom

  • Basic: Absolutely Free (Meetings up to 40 minutes with a total of 100 participants).
  • Pro: $14.99/month (Meetings up to 30 hours with a total of 100 participants).
  • Business: $19.99/month (Big meetings with 300 participants).
  • Enterprise: $19.99/month (Large meetings with 500 participants).

Features of Vizio Smart TV

  • Best in class High Definition and 4K resolution TVs.
  • Thin TV displays.
  • Surround system sound.
  • Smart Google Voice Assistant features.
  • Free Streaming service by CastFree for all the Vizio TV users.

Features of Zoom

  • The interface with the user is easy and simple.
  • Users can chat with the participants and the host.
  • Easy phone call making.
  • Large meetings such as webinars can be conducted.

How to download and use the Zoom app on Vizio Smart TV?

Zoom App on Vizio TV
Zoom App on Vizio Smart TV

Method 1: (Direct Method)

Step1: Turn your Vizio Smart TV on and go to the home page.

Step2: Press the V-Shaped button on your TV remote. and Open the App Store.

Zoom on Vizio TV

Step3: Search for the Zoom Meeting app and download it.

Zoom on Vizio TV

Step4: Find the app on your TV and open it.

Step5: Enter your credentials and you are all set to attend meetings on your TV.

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Method 2: (Downloading from the browser)

Step1: Turn on the TV and enable installing from unknown sources in the privacy settings.

Step2: Go the pre-installed browser on your TV and search for aptoide tv free download.

Zoom on Vizio Smart TV

Step3: Download the .apk file of the aptoide app. Navigate to the file manager and then to downloads.

Step4: Install the .apk file and launch it.

Zoom App on Vizio Smart TV

Step5: You have successfully downloaded and opened the Zoom Meeting app.

Step6: You can enter your credentials and start attending meetings on your TV.

Method 3: (Zoom on Vizio Smart TV using other streaming devices)


Zoom on Vizio Smart TV with Amazon Fire stick.

Step1: Connect your Fire stick to your Vizio Smart TV.

Step2: In the Home screen go to the search bar.

Step3: Type for Zoom app with the help of the on screen keyboard.

Zoom App on Vizio TV

Step4: Select the app and click on the Get label.

Zoom App on Vizio TV

Step5: Zoom application will downloaded on your Firestick.


Chromecasting through mobile

Step1: Get your TV and your mobile phone connected to the same WiFi network.

Step2: Scroll down the notification panel of your mobile phone turn on cast.

Zoom App on Vizio TV

Step3: In the dialog box which opens select your Vizio Smart TV.

Step4: Mobile phone’s screen will be successfully mirrored on your TV.

Step5: Open the Zoom app on your mobile phone and enter your credentials to attend meetings.

Zoom App

Chromecasting from PC

Step1: Firstly go to the official website of Zoom on your browser.

Step2: Login using your credentials to your account.

Step3: Click on the options label and then on cast screen.

Zoom App on Vizio TV

Step4: Choose your Vizio Smart TV from the available devices.

Step5: Get back to the app in the browser.

Step6: Attend meetings on your Smart TV.

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  • Is Zoom app available on the Visio smart TV?

Yes, The Zoom app is available on the Vizio Smart TV. You can download and use the Zoom app by following any of the steps discussed above.

  • Is Vizio TV good?

Vizio is the best entry-level Smart TV with the best in class features with a lot of features and entertainment.

  • Is Vizio made by Sony?

Vizio is totally private company which produces its own TVs and soundbars.

  • What TV brand has the best TV display quality?

Currently, Samsung has the best displays for Smart TVs when compared to its peers.

The EndNote

Vizio is one of the best entry-level Television in the market currently. Users can stream anything in them. These TVs just like smartphones have all the features and a big screen. Zoom App supports on Vizio TV, you can easily use it. Thus, I would love to know if this article helped you. Thanks for your patient reading.