Zoom on Apple TV | How to use Zoom App on Apple TV? [2022]

Technology is growing faster in the modern world for various purposes. There are various applications available for video calling and chatting online. Only limited applications are available in the market for video conferencing and meetings. Skype, Houseparty are some of the video conferencing app available online for Apple TV But, there is another one app called Zoom App which is one of the compatible Apple TV apps. For video conferencing and meeting with clear audio and flawless video, the Zoom app is the best for Apple devices. Here we are going to discuss Zoom on Apple TV and how to use Zoom on Apple TV?

What is the Zoom app?


Zoom app is one of the best video conferencing applications for Apple products. With the help of the Zoom App, you can stay connected wherever you go. Experience the meeting with flawless video, crystal clear audio with the platform for instant messaging through the Zoom app. Various applications are available like Microsoft team, Skype for business, Microsoft outlook, etc., but the Zoom app is the best and easy to stay connected for Apple users. But to use the Zoom app, our apple device should be updated with IOS 8.0 or later. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and all the Apple Products.

Zoom is not Skype to provide just calling a contact option but a meeting app used mainly for business and so it should have Meeting ID option. It’s very important that these features along with Mute options are presented for the on-going meeting. It does not have an option to enter the meeting ID and join a call in CarPlay. Nice interface, good features, overall was a very good experience to use this app. You can stream to a conference room display. Apple TV can be used as a conference room display so that you can share their screen from Mac OS, IOS devices or iPad OS devices using airplay. Zoom Meeting is the highlighted feature available in the Zoom App, which allows the user to join a meeting or host a meeting. Wherever you go, you can connect with your office colleagues through this app.

Features of Zoom app

  • You can stay connected wherever you go by using the Zoom app.
  • Compatible for IOS, Mac OS, iPad, iPod touch and many more.
  • You can use Apple TV as a conference room display.
  • You can invite up to 100 people to join you on video.
  • Meeting services designed for collaboration, training, and technical support.
  • Whiteboarding, Screen sharing, HD Video, and audio.
  • Screen control can be done remotely.
  • You can host a webinar online.
  • It allows up to 100,000 view-only attendees.
  • It supports Dual screen and sharing is simple with a single click.
  • Companies can stay connected with text, image, and audio file delivery over instant messaging communications. 
  • Designed to help more than 700,000 businesses around the world.

How to use Zoom on Apple TV?

Let’s see in detail how to get the zoom app on Apple TV. Follow the steps for how to download Zoom App on Apple TV. You can get the Zoom app on Apple TV using two ways.

Zoom on Apple TV
Zoom on Apple TV

The two ways are,

  • How to get Zoom on Apple TV from Apple App Store?
  • How to get Zoom on Apple TV using screen mirroring?

Let’s start the process

How to get Zoom on Apple TV from Apple App Store?

Step1: First of all Switch on the Apple TV.

Step2: Ensure Your Apple TV is connected to your home wifi to avail Zoom on Apple TV.

Step3: By using your Apple TV remote, Go App Store on the Apple TV and search for the app “Zoom Cloud Meetings”.

Step4: It is free to install the Zoom app from the app store and it doesn’t ask any money from your wallet to install it on your Apple TV.

Step5: Click the Zoom App to download and install the Zoom app on your Apple TV.

Step6: After installation, Open the app on your Apple TV.

Step7: If you are new to the Zoom app, by working remotely click on the sign-up and enter the details asked to create a new ID.

 Step8: If you already have user ID and password, click on sign in with your available user name and password.

Step9: After sign in, If you want to host a Zoom meeting on Apple TV. Click on a host Meeting and you can invite up to 100 people to join you on video.

Step10: If you want to join the meeting, click the join meeting and enter the details

Step11: Then you can start the webinar by adding up to 100 users and 100,000 view-only visitors.

Step12: Now you can enjoy the meeting on Apple TV with crystal clear audio and video for all the users.

How to get Zoom on Apple TV using screen mirroring?

Step1: Ensure your iPhone and Apple TV are connected to the internet or Wi-Fi network to use the Zoom app.

Step2: Go to the app store on your iPhone and search for the Zoom app.

Step3: Click install and the app is installed on your device.

Step4: After installation, click on the Zoom app icon to open it.

Step5: Follow the above steps to log in to the Zoom app to start the meeting.

Step6: As given in the above steps you can join the meeting or host the meeting.

Step7: To Share the screen to your Apple TV, Go the Apple app store on your iPhone and search for the “Streamer for Chromecast” app.

Step8: Click install to install the Streamer for Chromecast app on your iPhone.

Step9: Open the app and you can see Cast icon at the top of the home page.

Step10: On the next page, it will show the devices which are connected to the same wifi.

Step11: Click the Apple TV from the list.

Step12: Immediately a popup opens and Click connect. Close the page

Step13: Then click Screencast on the next page.

Step14: Followed by tap the broadcast option to avail Screen mirroring on your TV.

Step15: Now you can see your iPhone screen on the Apple TV and you can continue the meeting at the high definition of audio and video clarity in big screen.

Step16: Open the Zoom App and start a meeting.

How to join a Zoom Meeting on Apple TV?

Step1: Once you have got the Zoom app on your Apple TV, Open the Zoom App.

Step2: Enter your login details and Sign in to it.

Step3: On the home page you can see Join a meeting and hosting a meeting option.

Step4: Tap the Join a meeting.

zoom meeting

Step5: Enter your Meeting ID and Screen name.

Step6: Click Join.

Step7: In a few seconds, it will be connected.

Step8: The video starts, you can change your background by using Virtual background option.

Sums UP:

Flawless video, crystal clear audio, instant screen sharing and cross-platform instant messaging are available in Zoom on Apple TV for video conferencing and meeting. So one of the best and easy ways to connect the meeting on your apple devices is by using the Zoom app. I hope u can understand the easy step to use the Zoom app on your Apple TV. Kindly Let me know if you face any discrepancies.

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