Zoom on PS4 | How to get Zoom App on PS4? [2022]

Hello folks, welcome back to the freeiptvapk.com. If you want to use more options on your TV, Devices like Roku, PS4, Xbox, Firestick are helped you to get more number of options on your TV. In this article, we are focusing on PS4 only. PS4 or any Play Station consoles are famous for playing games, but you can also stream movies, tv shows, music and many other apps on your PS4. Can I get Zoom on PS4? Yes, you can get Zoom App on PS4 by using the right equipment. Zoom app is famous for conducting video conferencing and hosting meetings. Here, you can conduct meetings on your PS4. Let’s discuss how to get Zoom on PS4?

Here we are going to share about,

  • What is PS4?
  • What is Zoom?
  • Is Zoom available on PS4?
  • How to get Zoom on PS4?

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What is PS4?

PS4 is also known as Play Station 4. Play Station is a video game consoles, popular for playing games. From that PS4 is eighth-generation video game consoles developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment which is a division of Sony, By using PS4 you can not only play games but also you can stream movies, tv shows, music, and also use video and audio calling applications. To set it up, connect your game console’s HDMI cable one end on TVs HDMI port and the other end on your PS4. Connect your PS4 to an internet connection. The stream the contents by downloading the app on the Playstation store or screen mirror from your phone to PS4

What is Zoom?


Zoom is the famous video communication platforms was started in the year 2011. From the Zoom App, The user can do video conference meetings, content sharing, online meetings, text messaging, webinars, mobile collaboration and many more. If you went for a holiday vacation want to conduct a meeting with your company members means this application will help you to do. You can interact with your co-workers and employees through video conference. Zoom Meeting is the popular feature available in the Zoom App. Zoom Meeting means hosting a meeting in a video conference, In that time company employees can join the meeting through a webcam or smartphone. We can’t hold the smartphone for one complete meeting, for that use PS4 connect TV and stream it. Zoom helps to connect with the people whenever you go.

Is Zoom available on PS4?

No, Zoom App is not officially available on the PS4. It is not mean that you can’t stream Zoom on PS4. We come with an alternative way to stream Zoom on PS4. By using the Screen Mirroring option you can conduct Zoom Meeting on PS4.

How to get Zoom on PS4?

For getting Zoom on PS4. First, we need to set up PS4 on your TV. Follow the below steps for setting up PS4 on TV, let’s see how to do it.

Zoom App on PS4
Zoom App on PS4

How to set up a PlayStation 4?

Step1: Connect the one end of the HDMI cable on the back of your TVs HDMI port and the other end to the PS4’s HDMI out port.

Step2: Connect one end of the Power cable on the back of your console and the other end into the power source.

Step3: Next, Connect the small end of the USB cable into the Game controller and the other end to the USB slot of PS4.

game controller ps4

Step4: Power ON the PS4 console. Select PS4 on your TV

Step5: You will reach the home page of PS4.

Step6: Select your Language.

select language

Step7: On the next page, you will see the Set UP Internet Connection option.

set up internet connection

Step8: Tap the Set UP Internet Connection Option.

Step9: Select the Use WiFi option.

Step10: Again Select Easy Setup, The list of wifi connection will be displayed on your screen. From that Select yours.

Step11: Enter the wifi password and login to it.

Step12: On the Next Page select Skip option.

Step13: Choose your Time and date.

Step14: Finally, Click Accept.

accept terms and conditions

Step15: Your PS4 starts to work.

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How to get Zoom App on PS4 using the Screen Mirroring option?

For screen mirroring on your PS4 from your smartphone, just follow the below steps.

Step1: Go to the Google Play Store.

Step2: Search the Zoom Cloud Meeting app and download it.

Step3: Install the app on your Smartphone.

Step4: Again, Go back to the Google Play Store.

Step5: Download another one app called Screen Mirroring App.

Step6: Install the Screen Mirroring App.

Step7: Go back to the PS4 and Open the Internet browser on your PS4 device which is located in the Application menu.

internet browser

Step8: Paste this link on the Screen box https://tvee.app/screen-mirroring.

Step9: Click GO.

Step10: Scan the QR code or enter the code on your phone’s Screen Mirroring App.

Zoom App on PS4

Step11: Open the Screen Mirroring App. Scan the QR code or enter the code on your App.

Step12: In a second your phone screen will be displayed on your PS4 screen.

Step13: Open the Zoom App on your Phone.

Zoom App

Step14: Enter the login details and sign in to it.

Step15: Join a meeting or host a meeting on your PS4 now.

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Can you use zoom on ps4?

Yes, you can use Zoom on ps4 through this guide. But still there is no officially Zoom App on ps4. You can use and conduct Zoom meeting on ps4 by using screen mirroring.

Does zoom work on PlayStation?

Yes, it works on Playstation. First of all, download the Zoom App on your smartphone and Install the screen mirroring app on your smartphone. Mirroring your Zoom App on ps4 using the screen mirroring app. Now, you can conduct a Zoom meeting on ps4.

Wrapping UP:

That’s it, This is the only way to get Zoom App on your PS4 game consoles. Just follow the above steps and do it on your own. Due to the Corona effect, People continue to practice social distancing. So, Most of the company members are using the Zoom app for the company meeting. This application will definitely help you to connect with people. If you have any doubts, mention in the below comment box.

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