Zoom on Roku | How to get Zoom on Roku? [2020]

If you want to use a broad range of television options, Thanks to streaming devices like Roku. With the help of Roku, you can stream or watch anything you want. Is it possible to use Zoom on Roku? The answer is yes. With the help of the right equipment, you can stream Zoom on Roku. Roku is not only streaming movies, tv shows, sports. It also streams video and audio calling applications also. From that Zoom is one that conducts video conferencing and hosting company meetings app. Here we have provided an in-depth guide on what is zoom? and how to get Zoom on Roku? “Here can also learn Facebook on Roku which is another one application compatible with Roku device similar to Zoom”

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Here I am going to teach on,

  • What is Roku?
  • What is Zoom?
  • Features of Zoom
  • How to watch Zoom on Roku?

Let’s start the process,

What is Roku?

Roku device

Roku is the family of media streaming devices that runs on the Roku software. These Roku devices turn normal TV into a smart tv. Roku is also known as six, it was developed in 2008 by Roku Inc. Similar to the devices like PCs, Home theatres, Firestick, Chromecast. Roku Streaming device allows the user to stream video and audio content to your TV via internet connection. It allows you to stream internet streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and now Zoom. There are seven streaming Roku devices out there, starting at the rate of $30 to $100. The user can buy the devices, based upon the features you need

Roku is connected to the TV HDM slot, which lets you to access 4,500 channels of internet streaming content. Roku streams not only entertainment contents it also streams other applications also. The other applications like video calling applications, Health tips, Educational content and many.

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What is Zoom?


Zoom is one of the leading video communications platforms which allows the user to make video and audio conferencing, online meeting, chat, webinars, and mobile collaboration. It was started in the year 2011. The best thing about this app, it offers video conference meetings in HD quality, content sharing, and webinars. If you went for a vacation or work from home, it helps the user to interact with your co-workers and employees through video conferencing. Almost 500 companies using this Zoom app in 2019. While using Zoom you will definitely hear the phrases called Zoom Meeting. Zoom Meeting is famous in the Zoom app. Zoom Meeting is a group of employees in a video conferencing meeting. Anybody can join these meetings through a webcam or mobile phone.

It is not possible to hold the phone for one complete meeting. Using Roku you can watch the meeting through your Roku TV.

Features of Zoom:

  • Zoom provides one on one meeting for all the user even in the free plan.
  • Maximum 500 participants can join in one video conference meeting.
  • A screen sharing option is available.
  • More than 500,000 users using this application.
  • Crystal Clear video quality.
  • Screen Sharing will be in the best quality.
  • It supports devices like Android, iOS devices, PC, Mac.
  • It is possible to screen share photos, web and Google Drive, Dropbox.
  • Group texting, Images sharing is possible.
  • Invite the people through phone, email, and contacts.
  • Safe driving mode.
  • Webinar attendee.
  • The free group meeting limit is 40 minutes.

Is Zoom available on Roku?

Zoom App is not officially available on the Roku Channel Store. It doesn’t mean that you can get this Zoom app on Roku. The user can get the Zoom App by using a screen mirroring process on Roku.

How to get Zoom on Roku?

You can’t access to Zoom on Roku directly, because Roku doesn’t have an official channel of the Zoom Cloud Meeting app. So it doesn’t mean that we can’t stream Zoom on Roku. There are many alternative methods out there for that here we are using screen mirroring option. Let follow the below steps for screen mirroring Zoom on Roku.

You can get this Zoom on Roku by two ways,

  • Cast Zoom App from your Smartphone.
  • Cast Zoom App from a PC.

Things required are,

  • Roku device
  • Smart TV
  • Good Wifi connectivity.
  • Smartphone.

Steps to get Zoom on Roku:

Before start the screen mirroring process, you need to Turn ON screen mirroring

Turn ON screen mirroring on Roku:

Step1: Connect your new Roku device on your TVs HDMI slot.

Plugin your Roku device

Step2: Make sure all your working devices ( Roku TV and Smartphone) are connected to the same wifi server or not.

Step3: Turn on your Roku TV.

Step4: Enter your Roku account and login to it.

Step5: Next you will reach the home page, there you can settings option.

Roku Settings

Step6: Tap the settings option.

Step7: Then you can see system option, Click it.

Roku Screen Mirroring

Step8: Inside the System option, you can see the screen mirroring option.

Step9: Tap the screen mirroring option and Enable Screen Mirroring.

enable screen mirroring

Step10: Roku process completed means take your smartphone.

Cast Zoom App from your Smartphone:

Step1: Open the Google Play Store.

Step2: Search the Zoom App.

Step3: Download and Install the app.

Step4: Once finished installation, Go to the Settings option on your Smartphone.

Step5: In the settings, You can find Connected devices. Tap the Connected devices.

connected preference

Step6: Then, Click the Connection preferences which is located inside the Connected devices.

Step7: At last you can see Cast option in Connected preferences.


Step8: Touch the Cast option, it will show the devices which are connected to your home wifi will be displayed.

Step9: From that, Select your Roku TV.

Step10: Now the entire phone display is mirrored to your tv.

Step11: Open the Zoom App on your phone.

Zoom App

Step12: Sign-in into it using the Zoom account.

Step13: Now you can host video and audio conferencing, online meeting on Roku TV. Whatever you do on your phone it will be displayed on your Roku TV also.

Cast Zoom App from a PC:

If you are a PC user you can get this Zoom app on your Roku easily.

Step1: Connect your PC and Roku to the same wifi server.

Step2: Open the Google Chrome browser and your PC .

Step3: Search the Zoom.us

Step4: On the Zoom home page, Sign In into it.

Step5: Tap or click the three dotted icon menu.

Step6: Inside the three dotted icon, choose the cast option.

Step7: Your chrome browser start to search nearby devices to cast.

Step8: A popup opens, In that Click the Source option and choose cast tab.

Step8: Finally, Click your Roku connected TV. Within a second your windows screen appears on the Roku connected TV screen.

Now you can host video and audio conferencing, online meeting on Roku connected TV.

How to conduct a Zoom Meeting on Roku?

For conducting a Zoom Meeting is very easy. Just follow the below steps.

Step1: Once you have opened the Zoom app, You can see the New Meeting option.

Step2: Click the New Meeting option.

Step3: On the next page, the virtual video conference room opens.

Step4: Click the invite button at the bottom.

Step5: Contacts opens, Invite the co-workers or employees for the meeting.

That’s it. This is the way to host or conduct a meeting.

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Wrapping UP:

Zoom is the leader of video communication applications and it will help you in all the ways. It is the simplest way to get Zoom on Roku. You will never miss any of your company meetings. With the help of Roku, you can watch it on the big screen also. Are there any issues while streaming or screen mirroring Zoom on Roku means to leave a comment in below. We will help you very soon.

Thank you…

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