Zoom Meeting on Xbox | How to Get Zoom on Xbox /Xbox One?

Welcome to Freeiptvapk.com. In that last article, we have discussed How to Get Zoom on PS4?. In this Guide, We are gonna discuss the Zoom app on Xbox One. However, lots of users are requesting for the Zoom App to use it on Xbox, Xbox One, and Xbox 360. However, the devices are the same but there are slight changes in the installation. The most frequent question asked by the user is: Can You use Zoom Video Conference on Xbox one? Is Zoom App Available on Xbox? and more. However, Here you can get solutions for all your questions and complete setup for Zoom on Xbox.

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About Xbox

zoom on xbox

Most of the users would have known about the Xbox and its series. Xbox is a Video Gaming Device that includes, game consoles, games, and an Xbox Community. However, Xbox is developed by Microsoft which keeps on releasing a new version of Xbox series like Xbox, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Xbox One S, Xbox One X, Xbox Series X. Each series named a generation of Xbox which is an updated version of each series. The Latest Version of Xbox is Xbox Series X which is going to launch in 2020. Xbox is designed for playing games in the beginning but later the developer has made it to a device which can access all the other application.

Can you Use zoom on Xbox one?

Yes, Users can use Zoom video Conferencing on Xbox one and its series. Users can make use of the Zoom Rooms app in the Xbox app store and attend their video conferencing. The Zoom Rooms is not a Third-Party app, it’s developed by the Zoom.us[Official Website] and added in the Xbox app store. Zoom rooms Support all the Xbox Version including Xbox One, Xbox 360, Xbox One S, Xbox One X.

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Zoom App on Xbox

Zoom Meeting on Xbox
Zoom Meeting on Xbox

Hello users, In installing Zoom App on Xbox and Xbox One. There are two trusted methods to get Zoom App on Xbox. Below You can find the two methods with a detailed installation guide and procedure to use the application. Every device has many ways to install an app in it likewise Xbox has its own method to Install an application. Let’s check it out.

Method 1: Install Zoom App on Xbox Using App Store

Actually, Xbox has an official zoom app on its apps store. By using it, users can connect their Video Conference to the Xbox device. The official Zoom app name is “Zoom Rooms”. It has a lot of features and easy to use on the Xbox.

Zoom Rooms software-based video conferencing system uses off-the-shelf, business-grade hardware for cameras, speakers, and monitors – making it the most flexible video solution. Easily connect to participants on mobile devices, desktops, and other rooms.

Features of Zoom Rooms

  • High Audio and Video quality
  • Single touch to start and join a meeting.
  • Zoom rooms support 3 HD Screens.
  • Zoom Rooms occupies about 500 video participants and 10000 view-only attendees.
  • Allows Recording your meeting
  • Wireless Screen sharing
  • Single-click to room-room calling.
  • Connect with all the devices like MAC, PC, iPad, iPhone, and other telephones.


Zoom room is just a controller app that must be paired with anyone of the devices like MAC, PC or Mobile. That means Zoom must be running on the other device which is screen shared on Xbox with the Zoom Rooms app.

How to Get Zoom on Xbox?

Step1: Open Xbox One

Step2: Toggle the menu to the Store option.

Step3: In the Store, you can find a list of Menu on the Right Sidebar. In that Select Search.

Step4: Type Zoom Rooms

Step5: Now Appears the Zoom Rooms Apps on the Screen. Click on it to Open.

Step6: In Zoom Rooms Dashboard, you can find an option as “Get it Free” on the left sidebar.

Step7: A new window appears on screen to confirm the Transaction. Click on Confirm below.

Step8: It will begin installing the Zoom Rooms on your Xbox.

Step9: Once the Installation is done, you can find the app on your My Apps Section.

Now, You can do Zoom Video Conference on Xbox but you must have Zoom Account. You can just create a free plan from Zoom.us.

How to Use Zoom Conference on Xbox?

Step1: Frist Install the Zoom Rooms on your device like iPad, iPhone, MAC, PC, Android.

Step2: After installing Zoom Rooms on your device. Open it.

Step3: Also, Open Zoom Rooms on Xbox.

Step4: Then Click on Connect to link your device and Xbox.

Step5: Click on Meet Now to start the meeting.

It is like Screen casting Zoom app to Xbox. It is the way of casting Zoom to Xbox without Chromecast. If you are having Chromecast then you can follow the below steps.

Method 2: How to Cast Zoom meeting to Xbox?

However, If you are having Chromecast then follow these steps to cast the Zoom App to Xbox.

Step1: Connect Chromecast to Xbox HDMI port.

Step2: Now, Open TV app on the XBOX.

Step3: In the next window, you will be asked to select connect your cable or satellite box.

Step4: Press A to select options.

Step5: A small TV frame appears with blank screen. That’s mean, Xbox is detecting the Chromecast.

Step6: Click on Next.

Step7: On the Next Step, Click on Skip.

Step8: It will ask for an option to Select Open TV app when it starts or Move on to Home Screen.

Step9: Click on Next.

Step10: Now, Move on to the Android, PC, MAC and Click on Cast.

Step11: It will show the Chromecast device available.

Step12: Select your Chromecast device.

Step13: After selecting, it will automatically cast your device to Xbox.

Now, You can open the Zoom app on your device and cast it to the Xbox, Xbox One.


Does zoom work on Xbox?

Yes, Zoom works on Xbox. You can get this official Zoom App on the Xbox store. In the Xbox Store, Zoom App is named as Zoom Rooms. You can conduct a Zoom meeting or video conference in Xbox easily.

Is Microsoft zoom free?

Only the basic plan is free in the Zoom App. In the basic plan, you can conduct unlimited meetings with 40 minutes time limit on each meeting.

Is zoom better than Skype?

Both Zoom and Skype are pretty easy to use. For the company purpose, Zoom is best for conducting meetings. For face to face video calling, Skype is better than Zoom.

Final Words

We hope that the user has successfully installed Zoom on Xbox or Zoom on Xbox one. However, for both Xbox series installation procedure is the same and the user can follow the steps to Download Zoom Video Conference on the Xbox game console. Nowadays, Most of the companies are providing work from home features to the employees. So, the employees are attending or assigning the meeting online using Zoom App. So, we are providing all the possibilities of installing the Zoom app on your device in Freeiptvapk.com.

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