How to Download and Install Zwift on Firestick?

In this era of technology, it is time to cope with tech. In each and every aspect of living you need technology. That too in this time of pandemic, it is definitely undeniable. Zwift is one of the famous and popular physical fitness app. It has the features of social media sites as well. Now it is time to train yourself with your Firestick. But you don’t know how to do? Follow this article, on How to get Zwift on Firestick.

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What is Zwift?

Zwift on Firestick

Zwift is a Multiplayer turbo trainer app. It allows you to do cycling and running physical training. On Zwift, you can compete with other in the virtual world. As it is happening in the virtual world, one can connect, communicate, compete and train themselves on Zwift. In short, Zwift is an online fitness centre which is beyond expectations. Zwift was introduced for all the users in the year 2015. It is a kind of portable or mobile fitness centre. Zwift is available for the following devices: Android, iPhone, iPad, PC, macOS and Apple TV.

What are the features of Zwift?

Zwift is famous and celebrated by its users just because of its incredible features. Following are some of the features of Zwift:

  • Multiplayer
  • Zwift and third-party services
  • Completion of Today’s workout plans
  • Add your Goal
  • Remove your Goal
  • Chat on Zwift
  • Zwift academy
  • Screeshot on Zwift
  • Complete U-turns
  • Override your default activity
  • Leaderboards
  • ERG mode
  • Training peaks workout syncing
  • Power ups
  • Plan your trainings
  • Compete in an event
  • Followers
  • Activity history

And many more features to get catch hold of you forever!

What is the cost of Zwift membership?

Zwift can be availed only by paying $14.99/month + taxes if applicable. Most importantly, the cancellation of your subscription can be done at any point of time without any fuss.

How to Signup for Zwift?

Step1: Go to

Zwift on Firestick

Step2: Press the option Create account.

Step3: Enter the data required.

Zwift on Firestick

Step4: Most important thing is age verification.

Step5: After reading the Terms & conditions, click on the appropriate checkbox.

Step6: Now, click on the Submit button.

Your account has been created successfully!

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How to get access to Zwift membership?

Step1: Login to your Zwift account via

Step2: On My Profile, tap your profile picture.

Zwift on Firestick

Step3: Navigate to Settings.

Step4: Select Billing option on the webpage.

Zwift on Firestick

Step5: Choose Edit payment and choose the payment method you wish.

Zwift on Firestick

Step6: Give the necessary billing info and click the option update.

Is Zwift available on Firestick?

Zwift is not available on Firestick. Zwift’s availability is limited only to some of the devices that are mentioned above. If you are desperate of getting Zwift in Firestick, follow the article.

How to get Zwift on Firestick?

There are only 3 ways to get Zwift on Firestick.

Zwift on Firestick
  • Screen mirroring via Android and Tablets
  • Zwift on Firestick via Downloader app
  • Zwift on Firestick via ES File Explorer app

Sideloading is done to install third-party apps which aren’t available on the App Store.

How to Screen mirror Zwift on Firestick via Android or Tablet?

Ensure same Wi-Fi network for your device and Firestick.

Step1: On your Firestick Remote, click the home button for a while and choose mirroring.

Zwift on Firestick

Step2: On your Android device, navigate to Settings.

Step3: Tap on Cast menu.

Zwift on Firestick

Step4: After scanning, on the list, choose your Firestick.

Step5: Allow your Firestick to screen mirror your Android device.

Step6: Now your Firestick will start to screen mirror.

Step7: Open the Zwift app on your Android device and access it on your Firestick.

How to sideload Zwift on Firestick? 

Sideloading is the other way to get Zwift on Firestick. In order to side-load we need to do some needful steps. So, do as per the following instructions.

Enable the option, Apps From Unknown Sources on your Firestick to get Zwift. Since, Zwift is a not an app from Amazon App Store and a third-party app.

Step1: Connect and launch your Firestick.

Step2: Navigate to homescreen.

Zwift on Firestick

Step3: Tap the Settings option.

Step4: Now, go to My Fire TV / Devices menu.

Zwift on Firestick

Step5: Tap the Developer Options.

Zwift on Firestick

Step6: Now, choose the option Apps from Unknown Sources.

Zwift on Firestick

Step7: Now, choose Turn on to enable the above-mentioned option.

Zwift on Firestick

Step8: Then, choose the ADB Debugging option to enable.

How to side-load Zwift on Firestick via Downloader app?

Downloader app is one of the best go to sideloading app.

Step1: Launch and go to the Downloader app on your Firestick. You can get it from Amazon App Store.

Zwift on Firestick

Step2: Navigate to Settings on the left bar.

Step3: Click to enable Java Script option.

Zwift on Firestick

Step4: Choose Yes on the prompt.

Step5: Go to Downloader home screen.

Step6: On the address bar, enter the Zwift URL to get the Zwift app.

Zwift on Firestick

Step7: Click on Go to get the apk file.

Step8: After downloading, click on the file and tap Install.

Step9: After installation, tap on the open button, it will start to run Zwift on Firestick.

Zwift on Firestick

How to side-load Zwift on Firestick via ES File Explorer app?

ES File Explorer acts as a best alternative for Downloader app.

Step1: Launch and go to ES File Explorer app on your Firestick. Or else you can install it from Amazon App Store.

Step2: On Tools menu, click the Downloader icon.

Zwift on Firestick

Step3: Navigate to the bottom of the screen and tap on +New button.

Zwift on Firestick

Step4: On the URL tab, enter the URL and in the name field enter Zwift.

Zwift on Firestick

Step5: Click Download Now option, it will start to download.

Step6: After downloading, tap on the apk file and select the Open file option.

Step7: Installation takes place by the ES File Explorer.

Step8: Now click Install.

Step9: After installation, tap Open to start using Zwift on Firestick.

Zwift on Firestick

How to Cancel Zwift membership?

Zwift membership will auto-renew itself, unless and until you cancel the membership of Zwift.

These steps aren’t applicable for the users who pay via iTunes.

Step1: Visit

Step2: Login to your account.

Step3: Choose Cancel Membership option.

Zwift on Firestick

Step4: You will be asked for the reason, so choose one from the drop down list.

Step5: Tap on Continue Cancelling.

Step6: Navigate to the bottom of the screen, click on Cancel Membership.

This won’t delete your history and progress will be stored for your later use or references.

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How to delete Zwift account permanently?

No data of yours will be stored in this process.

Step1: Visit

Step2: Login to your Zwift account.

Step3: Now, choose Yes, delete my Zwift account.

Step4: And thats it. You got rid of your Zwift account.

The EndNote

To conclude, as everything comes to our hands through technology, it is time to get fitness at home itself via technology. Zwift is one such fitness app to train yourself from home itself. Hope this article is super useful. Thank you for reading!