How to Chromecast SO Player on your TV? [2022]

SO Player Chromecast

If you get bored on playing games and watching movies on the small screen of your smartphone means don’t worry. This article will be definitely helpful for you to watch all your favorite shows on widescreen. The only thing we need is a device that lets you transfer all your media contents from your phone or other devices to your TV. This device is known as SO Player Chromecast.

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With the help of this SO player Chromecast, you can play all your media contents to your TV without transferring anything. SO Player is Compatible with Chromecast device. Below we have covered complete casting steps for SO Player on your TV.

About SO Player:

SO Player is not a complete IPTV service. It is like a media player which acts as a middleware for IPTV and OTT Platform. The app doesn’t have any Live TV channels, Movies and more. For watching video contents you need to enable the IPTV service on your Chromecast device. Only you have enabled the service means next activate the SO Player.

How to Download and Install So Player Chromecast?

Before activating the SO Player We need to download the latest version of SO Player in our device.

Step1: Go to the Google Play Store on your Mobile.

Step2: Type as SO Player and search it.

Step3: Once it gets downloaded means to install the app on your smartphone.

Step4: Launch the SO Player.

How to Activate SO Player Chromecast?

If you installed the app on your mobile. Next, we need to activate it for that follow the below steps.

Step1: Open the SO Player on your Smart Phone.

Step2: On the very First Screen you can see three different options.

SO Player Chromecast

Step3: From those three options choose PIN CODE.

SO Player Chromecast

Step4: Next, Enter the Pincode of your IPTV Service.

Step5: Followed by entering the Provider ID or Provider Identifier.

Step6: Click Next.

Step7: If you did this correctly means you can see movies, TV shows, Live TV Channels, EPG on your SO Player main page.

Step8: Select your favorite shows and enjoy them.

For Streaming IPTV Channels on your SO Player. These are the steps you need to do.

How to Chromecast SO Player on your TV?

After activating the SO Player, Now you can Chromecast SO Player to TV. For that, we have given the step by step guide.

The needed things for casting SO Player are Mobile Phone, Google Chromecast, HDTV, Good Wifi Connection.

Step1: Very first thing we need to do is connect all the working devices to the same wifi network connection.

Step2: Take your Google Chromecast device and connect it to the back of your HDTV in the HDMI Port.

Step3: Open the SO Player on your Phone.

Step4: If you connected both the Chromecast TV and Mobile to the same wifi means you can see Cast Icon on the top of your SO Player.

Step5: Tap the cast icon.

Step6: From the search, Choose your device from the list.

Step7: Tap and connect it.

Step8: Once it gets connected means you can see SO Player screen on your TV Screen

Now you can enjoy all your favorite shows in widescreen. Watch your favorite media content on your TV.

Features of SO Player:

  • You can watch all the videos in HD quality.
  • IPTV Subscription is a must for streaming SO Player.
  • This application supports platforms like Andriod, iOS, PC, Chromecast, Firestick, FireTV, etc…
  • The app is user-friendly to use.
  • On-demand contents are also available in this app.
  • BookMark option.
  • Dynamic Switching languages.
  • Parental Control.
  • Subtitles.
  • Safe and Secure to use.

To Conclude:

SO Player is the best software for streaming IPTV Service. Here we have given complete details regarding the activation and casting of SO Player on your TV. If you facing any issues on streaming or queries regarding this content. Please tell us in the comment section, we will definitely help you. I hope you will love this article.

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