What Channel is the 49ers game on Cox? [Updated 2022]

49ers game on Cox: Let the beauty of what you love be what you do. Here is an article for football lovers to make their day wonderful. The upcoming month marks the most anticipated NFL event. I hope many football lovers will wonder about watching your favorite NFL team rocking on the ground. If so, you have reached the right place.

Seemingly, you can watch the 49ers game on various mediums like Spotify, Internet, Cable TV, Radio, and Online streaming services. Concerning that, this article will show you how to watch the 49ers game on Cox. Firstly, the following point will mention about the NFL and its teams if you are unaware. In simple words, NFL (National Football League) is a professional level football league in America.

What’s more interesting is that NFL is the wealthiest sports league in the world. Moreover, it has 32 teams that are equally divided into two conferences. The first conference is called the National Football Conference (NFC), and the second is called the American Football Conference (AFC). Meanwhile, the NFL has a three week preseason and an eighteen week regular season game where the two conferences hit each other on the ground.

Furtherly, seven teams will be selected from the regular season and will be sent to the playoffs. Finally, the winning team from either of the conference will be awarded the Super Bowl Championship title. Indeed, the San Francisco 49ers is one of the famous NFL franchises, and it has a worldwide fanbase. Continue reading to find out the possibilities and the best channel to watch the respective 49ers game on Cox.

About San Francisco 49ers

The ‘San Francisco 49ers’ or simply ’49ers’ is an American professional football team based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Seemingly, they compete in the National Football League representing the National Football Conference (NFC), West division. At present, the respective team play their home games at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara.

From a long perspective, the 49ers team was actually founded in the year 1946. Initially, they served as the charter member of the All America Football Conference (AAFC). Meanwhile, they have joined the NFL in the year 1949 as a result of the NFL-AFL merger. Being the 10th oldest NFL franchise, they are also the first professional sports franchise from San Francisco.

Now, on the achievements part from 1981 to 1994, the 49ers team have won five Super Bowl championship titles. Seemingly, most of those titles were achieved by the Hall of Famers like Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, Ronnie Lott, Steve Young, and much more. In addition, from 1971 to 2021 the San Francisco 49ers were the 21 times division champions which make them the most successful NFL team. Furtherly, the 49ers team has also hold NFL and NFC championships.

Indeed, it includes playing 28 league playoffs, 16 NFC championship games, most points scored in a single game season, most field goals in a season, and much more. In 2019, American magazine ‘Forbes’ ranked the 49ers as the sixth most valuable sport team. Not stopping with that, they were recognized as the 12th most valuable sports team in the world. Furtherly, continue reading to find what channel is the 49ers game on Cox tonight.

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Current Roster Info

As we have seen above, the 49ers are one of the most valuable NFL franchises. In addition, the desired football team has a wide fan following worldwide. Regarding that, the folowing section will provide you with the details of the players in the 49ers team depending upon their position.

  • Quarterbacks – Jimmy Garoppolo, Trey Lance, Brock Purdy, Nate Sudfeld
  • Running backs – Tyrion Davis-Price, JaMycal Hasty, Josh Hokit, Elijah Mitchell
  • Wide Receivers – Brandon Aiyuk, Danny Gray, Jauan Jennings, Marcus Johnson
  • Tight Ends – Ross Dwelley, Troy Fumagalli, Tanner Hudson, Tyler Kroft
  • Linebackers – Azeez Al-Shaair, Oren Burks, Dre Greenlaw, Curtis Robinson
  • Cornerbacks – Jason Verrett, Darqueze Dennard, Samuel Womack, Emmanuel Moseley

About Cox

In simple words, Cox communications is an American telecommunication company. Seemingly, it is one of the biggest broadband providers in America. In addition, the services provided by Cox include Internet, cable/satellite television, telephone, digital video, and much more.

A Cox broadband subscriber can get access to a vast library of live TV shows and on-demand titles on their desired streaming device. Indeed, Cox has two separate apps to satisfy the streaming and subscription management purpose. Yes, initially, Cox subscribers can use the ‘Cox’ app to manage their subscriptions and monthly bills.

Secondly, the ‘Cox Contour’ app will let the subscribers to enjoy watching their favorite content on the go. Seemingly, you can enjoy watching content by choosing from multiple categories. Moreover, the following portion will give you a detailed guide about the subscription plans available with Cox.

  • Cox TV Starter  – $53/month with 75+ channels 
  • Cox TV Preferred – $98/month with 140+ channels
  • Cox TV Preferred Plus – $118/month with 175+ channels 
  • Cox TV Ultimate – $138/month with 250+ channels

What Channel is the 49ers game on Cox?

As we have said above, our primary concern in this article to find the best channels to watch the 49ers game on Cox. Of course, it is possible to catch up your favorite 49ers game on various mediums in addition to Cox. So this article is primarily for the Cox users. Unfortunately, you have no dedicated channel to watch the 49ers game on Cox. But luckily Cox users can tune to the nativley included channels like ESPN, Fox Sports, and NFL Network.

49ers game on Cox
What Channel is the 49ers game on Cox?

Indeed, the aforementioned are the channels on Cox especially dedicated for streaming sports content. So, using that, now it is possible to watch the 49ers game on Cox without any hassle. Moreover, there is no need to purchase any individual packages to access the sports channels mentioned above. Furtherly, the below section will offer you the channel numbers of the respective sports channels. So that it becomes effortless for you to watch the 49ers game on Cox.

Streaming Service – Cox Communications

Channel Name – Fox Sports

–> Airing On – 1329

Channel Name – ESPN

State City Channel Number
Arkansas Fort Smith 34
Arizona Phoenix 33
California San Diego 3

Channel Name – NFL Network

State City Channel Number
Arizona Fort Smith 301
Arizona Phoenix 126
California San Diego 332


I hope the above article has provided you with the answer to ‘what channel is the 49ers game on Cox’. Seemingly, there are no dedicated channels on Cox to stream the 49ers game. But you can make it possible by tuning to the official sports streaming channels like Fox Sports, ESPN, and NFL Network. Moreover, you will require a valid and active subscription to Cox to watch the desired 49ers game without any hassle. Refer to the above post for the detailed guide. Indeed, check our website to find more ways to watch the exciting 49ers game on Cox. Thank You.

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How to watch the 49ers game on Cox?

Of course, it is possible to watch the 49ers game on Cox by using the natively included sports streaming channels like ESPN, NFL Network, and Fox Sports.

What channel is Fox Sports on Cox?

Cox subscribers can find the desired Fox Sports 1 or FS1 channel by tuning to the channel number 1329.

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