How to Sign Up and Watch BT Sport on Now TV?

Now TV is an online subscription-based video streaming service owned by Sky Group. It was started back in the year 2012. Now TV is the most-used streaming service in the U.K. This video streaming service is also available in countries like Itlay, the Republic of Ireland, Germany, and Spain. Now TV offers the user with movies, TV shows and sports you want. Access to all contract-free Sky’s premium channels. BT Sport is one of the popular sports channels available on Now TV. In this guide, we have given the best solution to watch BT Sports on Now TV. Everyone didn’t know to access BT Sports on Now TV App and Now TV Stick. That’s why today we are going to tell you how to watch BT Sport on Now TV App / Now TV Stick.

Now TV Subscription

There are six different passes available in the Now TV

  • £8.99 for the Entertainment Pass
  • £11.99 for the Sky Cinema Pass
  • £3.99 for the Kids Pass
  • £33.99 for the Sky Sports Month Pass
  • £3.99 for Hayu
  • £17 for Sports Extra Month Pass

What is BT Sport?

BT Sport on Now TV

BT Sport is a group of sports channels owned by BT Group. This sports channel mainly functions in the United Kingdom and Ireland. You can watch sports events like Rugby, Football, Boxing, MotoGP, UFC, and more. BT sports all the major platforms like Apple TV, Samsung Smart TV, Xbox, PlayStation, and many more. BT Sports lovers and Now TV users can watch BT Sports channels on Now TV now. Through this guide, we will help you on how to watch BT Sports Channels on Now TV. You can stream all the four BT sports channels in Now TV that includes BT Sport 1, BT Sport 2, BT Sport 3, and BT Sport ESPN.

Can I watch BT Sport on Now TV

You can watch all BT Sports channels on the Now TV Sports Pass. The ultimate sport bundle is one recent offer available on the Now TV. You can watch all the 11 Sky Sports channels, BT Sports, Channels, and Premier Sports Channels. This Ultimate bundle sport package costs just €40pm per month. For watching only BT Sport on Now TV, you can choose Sports Extra Pass which costs only €17pm.

How to Sign UP BT Sport on Now TV?

BT Sport on Now TV

Step1: Go to the Now on your PC.

Step2: On the Now TV home page, Click on Sports passes.

BT Sport on Now TV

Step3: Choose the package as per your wish.

Note: If you watch more sports on Now TV, choose the Sports bundle package ( Sky Sports Pass & Sports Extra Pass). For watching only the BT Sports on Now TV, choose the Sports Extra Pass.

Step4: Scroll down a bit and Choose the Sports Extra Pass for a month.

BT Sport on Now TV

Step5: On the next window, Enter your personal details.

BT Sport on Now TV

Step6: Click on Next.

Step7: Then, Enter your Full address details.

BT Sport on Now TV

Step8: Click on Next.

Step9: At last, you will reach the payment page.

Step10: Fill up your card details and click on the checkbox to agree on terms and conditions.

BT Sport on Now TV

Step10: After that, Tap the Pay Now.

That’s it. Now you will receive an email. Enjoy all the BT Sports channels on the Now TV.

How to watch BT Sport on Now TV?

Step1: Open the Now TV App or Now on your device.

Step2: Click on Sign In.

Step3: Enter your Sign-In details or Sign Up and Subscribe to Sports Extra Pass ( If you don’t have an account already)

Step4: After Sign In, You can see the list of Sports channels.

Step5: In that, choose the BT Sport channel.

Now, you can enjoy all the live sports matches in BT Sport. Also, you can stream other sports videos.

Alternative Way:

Now TV Smart Stick

Now TV Smart Stick is a small size portable device which costs Just £24.99. All you need to do is connect the Now TV Smart Stick into your TV’s HDMI Port. Then connect the device to your Wi-Fi. Now TV Stick lets you watch all the Now TV passes on your TV screen. You can stream your favorite movies, TV shows, sports & more on Now TV Stick. Grab your favorite Now TV pass and enjoy Sky Sport’s Premium Channels.

How to watch BT Sport on Now TV Smart Stick?

BT Sport on Now TV

For Streaming BT Sport on Now TV Smart Stick, Three things are mandatory.

  • A TV with an HDMI port
  • Wi-Fi connection.
  • Now TV account.

Step1: Buy the latest Now TV Smart Stick.

Step2: Plugin the Now TV Streaming stick on your TV’s HDMI Port. Then, connect your TV to the WiFi connection

Step3: Power on your stick using Now TV Smart Stick remote.

Step4: Click Sign In.

Step5: Enter your Now TV account.

Step6: If you have already subscribed to Sports Extra Pass, you can see sports channels on your TV screen.

Step7: In that, Click on BT Sport.

Stream your favorite sports in HD quality without any interruption. Once you signed up and bought the Sports Pass then, you can easily watch BT Sport on TV using Now TV Streaming Stick.

Sums Up

BT Sport is one of the popular sports channels in the U.K and its surrounding region. If you are a sports lover, want to watch BT Sport on Now TV. Here, we have given the best method to watch BT Sport. If you already have Now TV Smart Stick, go for the smart stick method. Follow us for more details about BT Sport and Now TV.

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