Chromecast vs Roku | Which one is best to buy in 2022?

Chromecast vs Roku: Both Chromecast and Roku are good streaming gadgets which are running successfully. But when it comes to a comparison between both, let us see which seems to be better in each category and for their applications.

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INTRODUCTION: Chromecast Vs Roku

As everyone knows that “A” denotes for Apple in our Kindergarten, Likewise we know that Google Chromecast is a dongle device, which gets connected by the means of HDMI port and it uses a Wi-Fi for casting your mobile phone, laptop to the television.

Chromecast vs Roku
Chromecast vs Roku

But Roku is also a streaming device, like Chromecast which sits you good if you are a person who is interested in watching movies and play music. This device has a similar design to that of a USB drive. Now let us see which one competes for the other in each criterion.

VIDEO QUALITY: Chromecast Vs Roku

When it comes to video quality as a reason of comparison between them, then the answer is, both the devices support standard HD streaming (1080 pixel). You can experience HD quality only when you have a strong bandwidth of internet connection. Only Chromecast Ultra can support and stream HD quality videos. But, three models of the Roku device can stream HD quality videos namely The Express, The Express+ and the Streaming Stick. Premiere+ and Streaming stick+ are capable of playing 4K video. You just think off before you go and purchase a 4K version casting device that whether you’ll see 4K content on your T.V. this is because most of the Apps charge you additionally for 4K movies.

CONTROL SYSTEM: Chromecast Vs Roku

When these competitors come for the control system, then the judgment becomes slightly difficult. Chromecast device has to be controlled from our smartphone, laptop or desktop by using Google
Home app. This is because they mirror your screen and some of the supporting apps just need to click on a button “cast” to play. But when it comes to the case of Roku, it comes with a standard Remote control for the basic three models. It has just few options like casting
and volume up and down. When you go to the three premium models, it comes with Voice control. This voice-controlled remote helps you to access as a search and this remote contains the basic options that your T.V remote contains such as power on/off, volume control, etc. Roku also sells accessories like Voice enhanced remote in which you can plug in your headphone and they also sell Gaming remote which contains gaming buttons. Roku also provides a feature of using your mobile phone as a remote by just installing the Roku app which is available in both iOS and Android.

CAST CONTENT: Chromecast Vs Roku

According to Roku, there are more than 5,00,000 official channels that you are able to install on your device. This device supports applications like Netflix, Amazon Video, Hulu, YouTube, etc. It is capable of streaming 4K videos. But the Chromecast device is slightly different than Roku. Not all apps support Chromecast. So you have to enable manually and cast on your screen. When you are screening from your smartphone, it will exhaust your battery and you are unable to use your phone for other purposes. This is because,
Chromecast doesn’t contain multi-tasking. Similar to Roku, Chromecast also supports big Apps like YouTube, Netflix, AmazonPrime and etc. But it won’t support some contents from the VLC player, and local content.

SPECIFICATIONS: Chromecast Vs Roku

The major difference that stands between both is their operating system. Roku works with a Roku OS. This device consists of an onscreen interface along with settings, menu and searches feature. To make use of the features of Roku, you should have a Roku account. Roku has a disadvantage. That is, it doesn’t accept Dolby’s vision. When coming to the other side, Chromecast does not have an on-screen interface. You can operate your Chromecast device from the Google Home app. It supports both Dolby’s Vision and HDR10.


Both of the devices have a guest mode. Roku device supports Miracast and hence we can cast Windows devices using Roku. Apple devices can also be cast using Roku. Chromecast Ultra is the only version that has an Ethernet port. This port provides great streaming experience.

PRICE: Chromecast Vs Roku

Roku released six different products. They are Streaming Stick+,
Roku express+, Roku premiere and 3 more. This Roku device price range from $29 to $59. Whereas a standard Chromecast cost $69.


From the above content, we can conclude that each device has a certain application and the user buy according to the usage. If you want to use a number of applications on your T.V, then you can go with Roku. But if you want to cast your Android mobile to T.V then you can go with Chromecast.

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