How to Fix X Button Not Working on PS4 Controller?

X Button Not Working on PS4 Controller: Are you one among the players who love to use gaming consoles just for the controller?

If yes, you have reached the right spot. This article will be about the PS4 controller and the common issues with it.

Many PS4 users have faced the issue, especially with the “X” button on the controller. I hope you too will be pronouncing the “X” button as “ecks” button.

But according to Sony, the “X” button is actually pronounced as the “Cross” button. Indeed the pronunciation issue, now it is essential to discuss about the ‘X’ button not working issue.

Of course, every button on the PS4 controller is important, especially the ‘X’ button, as it helps you select the content.

So, let’s explore some possible ways to fix the X button not working on PS4 Controller.

How to Fix X Button Not Working on PS4 Controller?

The PS4 controller is commonly called DualShock 4. It has parallel joysticks, shoulder buttons, and symbol-clad buttons.

Moreover, the “X” button has become the talk show over the internet after Sony’s launch event.

Apart from the pronunciation issue, what if the X button becomes unresponsive on your PS4 controller?

X Button Not Working on PS4 Controller
How to Fix X Button Not Working on PS4 Controller?

Well, there are certain workarounds to fix this issue. First, you have to take an overview of every button on your controller.

Then, check whether the buttons are in good condition or have been damaged. For example, if the X button is damaged, you probably have found the issue.

Indeed, if the buttons are in good condition, it is good enough to just clean the buttons on the controller with rubbing alcohol.

Additional Tip: If you are a sound technician, you can try resolving the X button not functioning issue by opening the PS4-controller and verifying the condition of the buttons.


I hope you have successfully resolved the issues with your PS4 controller. It is common to experience the buttons not working issue, especially with rash gamers.

In such instances, it is better to send your controller for a service or replace it with a new one. It is advised to contact the PlayStation support in case of experiencing issues with the PlayStation consoles.

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