How To Stream And Chromecast Amazon Music

Chromecast Amazon Music

Amazon Music is an online music streaming platform owned by Amazon. It was launched back in the year September 25, 2007. By subscribing to Prime membership the user can listen to ad-free songs and the prime member can stream more than 1 million songs in this application.

In the Amazon Music app, The user can download the songs from offline as well in this application. This application supports platforms like Andriod, iOS, Firestick, Smart TV, Apple TV, Roku, Kodi, and many. In this post, we are going to focus only on the Chromecast device. If you are using the Google Chromecast device, casting Amazon Music to TV is very simple. Here we going to discuss, how to Chromecast Amazon Music on TV.

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Features of Amazon Music:

  • Set the song for your every mood to music.
  • Automatic download option and offline download option.
  • Application has Shuffle and Repeat Button.
  • You can Customize everything in the app.
  • More shortcuts available.
  • The user can stream more than a million songs on Ad-free.
  • Hands-Free with Alexa.

Amazon Music Subscription charges:

Amazon Prime gives 30 days of trail free package for all the members. The subscription charges starting at the cost of 129 per month.

Why VPN is Mandatory?

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Steps to Chromecast Amazon Music on your TV

Amazon Music supporting the Chromecast device, So you can cast the application easily to your Smart TV. Casting can be done in two processes.

  • Andriod or iOS SmartPhone
  • PC or Mac

Things needed for Chromecast Amazon Music:

  1. Smart Phone: Android Higher-end device / iOS devices like iPhone, iPad, etc…
  2. PC: Windows7 and UP, All mac version.
  3. Wifi: Good Wifi Connection.
  4. Chromecast device: Google Chromecast device buy on Amazon store.
  5. TV: Smart TV with HDMI Port.

Steps to Chromecast Amazon Music with the help of a Smartphone:

Well, Casting the Amazon Music on TV using a Smartphone is very simple. The process is the same for both the Andriod / iOS devices. Learn the below instruction carefully for the casting process

Alert: Connect the Chromecast device on the back of your TV at HDMI port. Check all the devices are connected to the same wifi connection.

Step1: Download the Amazon Music from google play store.

Chromecast Amazon Music

Step2: Install the app on your smartphone.

Step3: Open the app

Step4: Stream any music on the application, While streaming you can see cast icon at the bottom of the app.

Step5: Click the Cast icon

Step6: A list of the Chromecast devices that connected to the same wifi connections will appear.

Step7: Tap on your Chromecast device and connect it.

Step8: Once it connected means, The same music will play on your TV.

This is the one easy way of casting Amazon Music.

How to Stop casting Amazon music?

After casting the application, if you want to stop the casting process then follow the below steps

#1: Click the Cast icon again on the application.

#2: Click the Disconnect button.

#3: Immediately it will stop the casting process.

Steps to Chromecast Amazon Music with the help of PC / MAC:

Step1: Open your search engine chrome browser on PC.

Step2: Paste this URL and search it.

Step3: Next, Right-click on the screen and followed by click the cast option from the list.

Step4: Immediately, nearby chromecast application displays.

Step5: Click the Sources option on the pop-up list.

Step6: Inside the Sources, Click the Cast tab

Step7: Choose your chromecast device, Now play any songs on your PC. The same will be stream on your TV also.

How to Sign In and Stream Amazon Music?

#1: Enter this link on your Chrome browser

#2: Click the Sign In option.

#3: Create a new account and Sign UP the account.

Chromecast Amazon Music

#4: Choose your subscription plan and click ok.

#5: Make your payment

Chromecast Amazon Music

#6: Finally, Enjoy your favorite music on the Amazon Music app unlimitedly.

Chromecast Amazon Music

To conclude:

By using the Amazon Music app you can cast the application to your TV very easily. This application is compatible with Chromecast devices that help the music lovers to hear their favorite songs on the big screen. So, Subscribe to the application at once and enjoy the Amazon Music app.

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